We can all connect to spirit and angels, but we must follow simple steps and measures.
Firstly, in your mind create the intention of meeting your spirit guide or angel. Have the questions ready to go and then prepare.

Setting the scene:

You may like to have a special place that you would like to connect with spirit, whether that’s a physical location or perhaps it’s a place you can go to visually in your mind.
Take some candles physically light a white candle as this is an offering to the spirit world you may also like to burn some white sage sticks as to be connecting to good energies. Then enter a meditative state.
Find a comfortable chair or cushion and sit in an upright position. Feet should be flat on the floor or you can be sitting on the ground.

Meditative state:

Close your eyes and take three deep breathes, inhaling air through the nostrils, breathing in positive energy in for the count of seven, holding that air in for the count of seven, then slow releasing that air out for the count of seven through the mouth.
Visualize white light streaming down from the universe and into your crown chakra. Feel loving warm energy filling every cell and every part of your body. Imagine white light flowing down through your face, neck, arms, fingertips chest, torso, legs, feet and toes deep into the ground beneath you. Then imagine drawing warm loving energy from mother earth rising through each cell and part of your body and flowing out of your crown chakra. This energy is connecting you with heaven and earth with you being the beacon in the middle.
Visually see spirit walking towards you, embrace this warm loving energy. Feel a connection being made then ask the question to the answers you are seeking.
If you mind floats away be easy on yourself, bring your focus back to your slow steady breathing by inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth.
Be open to receive any messages that spirit may have for you notice any feelings that arise when asking your questions, if you are feeling happy and light the answer is positive. If the energy your feel is heavy and negative the answer can be no. You maybe even get the answer with a symbol, a vision or a thought that pops in your mind but take note on how any information comes to you to decipher it later.
Once having your answers always remember to thank spirit on their appearance and the answers you received.
Be patient with yourself as this practice may take a while to master.