Crystals have been scientifically known to carry vibrations and energy. These energies have influence on our energy force field.

There are many types of crystals, each with their own specific healing powers and properties.

Some popular crystals and healing properties are:

Citrine attracts abundance

Rose Quartz heals the heart and helps in finding more love.

Clear Quartz the powerful master healer. Great for clarity in thought and peace.

Obsidian spiritual protection, whilst keeping away and releasing negative energy.

Fluorite harmonizing spiritual energy, it promotes positivity, and healing.

Amethyst increases psychic ability, and spiritual awareness.

Ruby enhances more joy and passion into your life. Ruby can also  strengthen harmony within family.

Selenite amplifies and charges the energy of those crystals it is placed with.

There are even crystals that work well with each of the body’s chakras.

When buying a new crystal, it is always helpful to activate the crystal.

To activate this crystal, start by placing it to your third eye chakra, located just above the middle of your eyebrows. Close your eyes and introduce yourself. Then program your intentions and hopes that you are wanting from that crystal that align with that crystal’s energy.

Then it is a good idea to charge your crystal.

A simple and easy way to charge your crystal, is to place your crystal out for the entire night in direct full moon light. Next morning wash the crystal in clean water and your crystal is then ready for use and is basically working for you.

Another way of charging, if the weather is overcast it is best to place your crystal with a piece of selenite.This Crystal not only charges your crystals, but also amplifies the power of those around it.