Chakras are the spiritual energy centers they are said to be spinning disks of light energy and have multiple colours and purposes

The crown chakra

Is known to be the same colour as the related crystal the amethyst purple it is the meeting point of universal energy of the soul

The third eye

The colour associated with the third eye is indigo blue associated with the crystal lapis lazuli. This chakra point is for clear visions and insights, it is a center point for intuition

Throat chakra

The colour associated to the throat chakra is light blue a crystal associated with this chakra may be celestite. This chakra point is also to do with clarity and purity of words and communication

Heart chakra

This chakra works well with rose quartz the heart chakra is symbolized by the colour green and work with matters of the heart, love peace and healing

Solar plexus chakra

This chakra is the colour yellow the stone best suited is yellow aventurine and this chakra and deals with our attributes relating to the ego

Sacral chakra

This chakra works well with the crystal carnelian is known to be the colour orange and is related to our relationships with others. It is where we find our creative talents. This crystal also has to do with passion and pleasure

Base chakra

The colour for the base chakra is red the gemstone for this chakra is red jasper. The base chakras are where we find our stability in all life’s needs and our grounding force. It is the root chakra.