The ace of cups is a card showing a golden chalice filled with water representing emotions.

When the ace of cups appears upright in your readings this card can be the most fulfilling card in any deck of tarot cards. It shows emotional fulfillment of matters of the heart. Perhaps a new lover is coming your way. This card speaks of soul partner relationship, twin flame relationships and a satisfying and long-term lover that may last the test of time. When this is card is drawn know that a happy outcome will be yours and dreams may be met. If in combination with the devil card it may signify marriage, with the sun card may be birth of a child.

Reversed Meaning

This card reversed may represent a relationship, but It may be only temporary because the water (emotions) are spilling out. Not to say that this too is not a good card just meaning it may not last forever, that is where free will comes in. We have the chance and opportunity to change the outcome. Whatever you are doing may not be working for you or your relationships.

If you look at all the minor arcana cards, they resemble those of the normal playing deck cards.

Ace – hearts – matters of the heart

Pentacles – spades – matters of money

Swords – Diamonds – obstacles / issues

Wands – Clubs – movement / adventure



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