• Psychic Channeller
  • Spiritual Coach
  • Future predictions

Ness is a professional psychic and spiritual coach who has been in the industry for 19 years. Here to give advice and spiritual guidance regarding thoughts, feelings and intentions of other people as well as the querent to do with matters of the heart and all other aspects of life.

Ness uses Tarot as a focal point where she can channel through information to most questions you hold. Nessa’s talents also include psychometry and use of photos to connect to those passed over and offers medium work via email readings.

Ness can investigate the past, present and future with concise clarity and understanding.

Ness does not sugar coat for what she sees is given with compassion in mind.

Ness believes in the powerful healing properties of crystal energy and how each work in unity with the Seven physical chakras and gives advice on how to open and finely tune chakras to enhance your daily structures and bring more positivity love and light into every aspect of your life.

Ness can advise you on how to clear negative energies and unwanted visitors from your home through a process using sage and salt and also details on what crystal energy would be beneficial and suitable to your needs including how to activate crystals, cleanse and charge