• Medium
  • Clairvoyant
  • Angel Guidance

Renee was born in Penrith Sydney N.S.W. Australia. Renee has had her abilities from a young child. Renee later awoken her gifts at the age of 30 when it was prominent that she had the ability of clairvoyance, or clear seeing. Renee communicates with her spirit guides and angels to communicate intuition, much like a medium. Renee is also confident in the use of tarot and pendulums for direct divination. Renee is also able to scry to communicate with spirit.

Renee’s readings are accurate and satisfactory for the client and can give foresight into many situations such as love, family, passed loved ones, work, and personal life matters.

“I hope I can assist in any questions that you may like to ask” Renee