• Spiritual Councillor
  • Reiki
  • Intuitive

Rick is a mirror, a chameleon, he is what he is when he needs to be for those who need it, straight shooter empathic natural healer from birth. Intuitive spiritual councillor who tells you what you need to hear more than what you want to hear. Rick is the Master number 11, a Libran whom has the recognition and the balance of both masculine and feminine energy, a certified Reiki master and practitioner with a passion for justice and helping people, Rick has a unique way of seeing the positives in the negatives, Finding the Light in the Darkness!

Rick is also a certified Meditation Guide, Pet Reiki Practitioner, Spiritual Councillor, Crystal Energy Healer, Space Cleanser, Intuitive Reader and Access Consciousness Practitioner. Rick also makes

custom crystal healing wands and crystal infused smudging fans for cleansing and healing purposes and custom wired healing jewellery.