Love and Relationship psychic

“I had been doing phone psychic readings for 15 years and then started travelling around Australia for four years, conducting face to face readings. My professional psychic career has been enjoyable, and i have met some beautiful people along my journey. I have also worked as an online tarot reader, fair psychic and online chat reader.”

Ness started doing free tarot readings at the age of 20. This gave ness the experience for being able to help even more people, as an online psychic reader.

Advice and spiritual guidance regarding feelings and intentions of other people is a strong point of Ness’s. Her gift includes matters of the heart, and all other aspects of life. She has helped lots of clients, with finding their direction in life.

Tarot is Ness’s focal point where she can channel through information to most questions you hold.

Ness likes to think of herself as an experienced love and relationship psychic..

Psychic reading by ness in Australia can investigate the past, present and future. Sugar coating is not what ness does, but offers guidance with compassion in mind.

Crystal healing and energy, and how each work in unity with the Seven physical chakras can be advised. Advice can be on how to open and finely tune chakras to enhance your daily structures. Bringing more positivity, love and light into every aspect of your life.

Details on what crystal energy would be beneficial and suitable to your needs is given by Ness.


Nessa is amazing and so accurate. I have no doubt you will be blown away by her ability. Strongly recommend her to anyone wanting clarity in their lives – Robyn

Wow where to start. Nessa had my situation dead on right without me saying a word. My past and present exact, the future I’ll wait and see, but I’m sure she’ll be right with that too. She knew my kids personality’s their strengths and struggles. Just mind blowing accuracies. I could not recommend her enough she was/is amazing and very compassionate. You will NOT regret a reading with Nessa, I know I’ll be back for more – Leigh

Ness has been doing my readings for many years. I always come back as she is spookily accurate.
I highly recommend this lady – liz

Ness has an amazing gift and I highly recommend her , she gives me so much hope for my future and what it has in store for me. amazing at what she does and simply an amazing woman. thank you so much ness – Jay

Nessa is a lovely lady with a truly unique gift. I was priveledged to have a very insightful reading that has provided a direction from the past to the present and future. Thank you Ness – Bonnie